Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snap, another database!

Track, monitor and log
Social network and blog
All the world’s problems
Can be solved with a database

Is a monitored society
A haven of propriety?
Perhaps, all the world’s problems
Can be solved with a database

So they log who one talks to
And they log what one may do
Because, all the world’s problems
Can be solved with a database

So maybe the digital world
Is more virtual prison, less world
But then, all the world’s problems
Will be solved with a database

(Or so they blissfully think)!

Read the Joseph Rowntree Report on the Database State (2009) which delves into Britain's Database State and concludes that, "the public are neither served nor protected by the increasingly complex and intrusive holdings of personal information invading every aspect of our lives."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here's the dosh on the Indian IT Amendment Act 2008

Its been a long time coming. And when it did come we took such a long time to find it. But its here and a lot is being said about it.

What we like:

* insertion of provision on identity theft ( though I would have preferred the use of the word fraud)- S 66C

* the pornography provision in S 67B

And what is causing the pain:

* Reduction in the "quantum of punishment"

* the limited conceptualisation of privacy in S 66E relating to punishment for the violation of privacy

* increase in computer user liability

But, what intrigues me the most is S 67 C which relates to the preservation and retention of information by intermediaries. More on this soon.