Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is a single digital identity good for me?

Thought for the day:

You have one key that opens all the (many) doors you need to access.

This is very convenient for you, saves time and makes life so much more hassle free and easy to manage. It saves you the trouble of carrying aorund many keys or remembering where you put them all.

This one key thus becomes a very valuable asset. But surely, this must be ok. Of course, it is. Provided you dilligently look after the key, and keep it safe. Or insure it.

But, what if someone stole that key, and gained access to all your rooms, lockers and hideaways. Yes, you could change the locks and get another similar key.

Then again, what if your key was compromised without your knowledge? And you were targetted on the basis of someone knowing something about you? Perhaps you may never wisen up to this, if you are not overly affected or then again something nasty might happen to you and your personal effects.

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