Friday, February 15, 2008

Tell me all that you are, and there will be no sex offenders on SNS. Identity stakes go up another notch in NY

Outlaw reports that "sex offenders will be banned from using social networking sites under a law proposed in the US state of New York." The law would, if enacted permit the release of offenders details to SNS operators in order to restrict them from using these sites. In this regard, the "offenders" would have to register all of their online identities, internet acounts and email id's with with the police as conditions of their probation or parole. The New York Senate passed the proposed law this week, and it remains to be debated by the Assembly.

A step forward, but a bit over ambitious I think for the following reason: how would you register a uncreated identity? How will they deal with new identities? How will they prevent these people from stealing other people's identities or using them to their own benefit ? The identity stakes have gone up another notch in New York

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