Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The right to DI life and privacy

Can the right to digital identity be read into the right to life and privacy? or need it be made a separate right altogether? I going to think long and hard about this one. So should you.

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pangloss said...

Interesting, I heard people discussing the right to identity only yesterday but they were family lawyers not IT lawyers - aparently the HFEA was reconsidering whether children born by sperm donation should have the right to know who the donors were (the law was just changed to enable that ansd now no one donates sperm!) Might be an intersting comparison in term sof whether it falls into Art 8 ECHR - there IS a rt to identity in the UN Conv on Rts of Child y'see..
Also teh EC Charter of Rts has an explict article potecting personal data as wel as an article protecting "private life". I only discovered this yesterday! *blush*